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Insanely Delicious. Incredibly Easy.

a bunch of food sitting on a table


Perfect for office, social or holiday gatherings, our taco trays offer something special for you to share with your guests. Got foodies, vegans, vegetarians or gluten-free eaters?  Do not worry.  We cater to all your needs and feeds. Our tacos are made with seasonal vegetables, housemade salsas, and handmade corn tortillas to satisfy all.  

Catering Q + A

Vegan-friendly? You bet. We can make some or all of our tacos without the cheese, just let us know in the request section when you order.

Gluten-free? Yes, and vegetarian too. Tacos, Sides, Drinks & Sweets included.

How often do you change your menu? With the seasons, more or less, based upon what’s fresh at the farmers markets. So keep checking back for new options.