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Food for Gathering, Delivered

November 08, 2022

Let’s taco ‘bout less work, more party!

Keep your people (whether your work family or your chosen family) happy and healthy this holiday season. Chaia makes it easy to gather by offering delicious catering, right to your front door or to your office suite. We make meals for any size group, whether individually packaged or in larger serving portions. 

- Serving Suggestions -

Enchilada Family Pack: choose Black Bean, Braised Mushroom, or our "November Only Special" Roasted Butternut Squash with goat cheese

Taco Box: choose Large (24 tacos) or Small (12 tacos)

Sides: our Herby Green Rice and/or our delicious Black Beans

Chips & Dips: served with Habanero Pepita and Tahini Black Bean Dips


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