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September Eating

September 06, 2022

Let’s Taco ‘Bout September Eating

Although September marks the end of summer, it marks the beginning of the best time to eat. There are mounds of eggplant and zucchini at the market, and the variety of tomatoes goes on and on. Then, as the weather begins to cool, we see summer and fall favorites merge:

eggplant + winter squash
sweet corn + sweet potato
arugula + kale
zucchini + cauliflower


This is what makes September the easiest time to up your vegetable intake.


Tacos for Everyone


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 When we started Chaia, we settled on two terms that would guide us - seasonal and delicious. It had to be seasonal, and it had to be delicious. Being healthy was a bonus. We hope Chaia makes you feel revitalized and energetic this month, especially as you ease back into rituals and routines. 

Welcome Back! 




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