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Vegetables are the Star

February 07, 2023

Let’s Taco ‘bout

Starting With Vegetables

Having a starting point is critical to cooking. At Chaia, our creative process begins with a vegetable, and then we find the most delicious way to cook it. This is why we name our tacos on our menu using the featured vegetable combined with a description of how it is cooked - Braised Mushroom Taco -  or how it is flavored - Smoky Collards Taco. Starting with an ingredient or recipe, is how most restaurants craft their menu items, and many home cooks decide what they want to cook. Here is a delicious recipe for Squash on Toast by Jean-Georges Vongerichten that inspired our Roasted Butternut Squash Taco. Like us, he believes in letting vegetables be vegetables and letting them shine. 



a box of food sitting on a table


Celebrating With Vegetables

Perfect for office, social or holiday gatherings, our taco trays offer something special for you to share with your guests.


a basket full of food