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Back to the Future

We describe Chaia as a seasonal vegetable taco shop and often shy away from using the descriptor “vegetarian”. Why? Because people often hear the word and immediately think that our restaurant is for people who don't eat meat or animal products. Our goal is to help people to eat more vegetables because they are both delicious (particularly when prepared just right) and they are so good for you. “Going back” to plant-based diets may be the best way forward for a sustainable future.

Our mission is about eating more plants to benefit not only your health, but the health of our environment - and there is extensive amounts of evidence that supports this. We are just beginning to scratch the surface on the impact we can make. Vegetables are the new meat: the more we can center our diets around whole, healthy plant foods, the healthier we will be longterm. 

As always, our menu changes based on what’s in-season and what's growing locally and regionally around us.  If you have not yet tried it, stop by the shop (or place an order online) for our winter Cabbage Taco - sauteed with toasted cumin seeds and served with queso fresco, our grilled tomato salsa + radish.