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this earth day, take a moment to connect the food on your plate to the earth that grows it. at chaia, we believe eating vegetables is healthiest for us as people and our planet

we eat real food in season, not just because it tastes better, but because fresh, locally available food supports farmers, sustainable land use, and our collective food community

this earth day, we also celebrate food's life cycle and thank our community for joining us in composting over 5 tons of food 'waste' and customer packaging from our restaurant

with our partners at fat worm compost, we are able to divert 100% of this 'waste' from a landfill to an industrial composting facility in prince george's county, maryland where 'trash' is turned into nutrient-rich soil that farmers and gardeners can use to plant the next season of crops + plants

to take part in the 'seed to soil' movement and explore composting options for your home and office, read more here