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Chaia is taking the Coronavirus very seriously!

Our staff is following CDC best practices for food preparation and there is no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted via food.

Out of caution and concern for our community, Chaia has taken the following steps:

First, team members wash their hands and change their gloves frequently during service, as recommended 

Second, we have increased the frequency of sanitizing and disinfecting common surfaces throughout the day

Third, all utensils and condiments are no longer be self-serve and will be provided upon request

Fourth, we have instructed our staff not to touch others - no hugs, no handshakes. Sorry :-/

Our aim is to feed our communities delicious, healthy food made from local, seasonal vegetables. People still want and need to eat healthy. The best way to stay well is to remain fit and strong and to continue a healthy practice of wellness and good eating. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out at

Is Your Menu Vegetarian/Vegan? 

CHAIA is 100% vegetarian. All of our tacos and sides can be made vegan, with the exception of our Creamy Kale + Potato Taco and our Scrambled Egg & Black Bean Taco (though you could always say "no egg, no queso").

Is All of Your Food Made Fresh in the Shop? 

We prepare all of our menu items from scratch. Our tortillas are made in-house daily and all of our sauces and salsas are made by us too, using best-quality ingredients free of dyes, pesticides, preservatives, HFCS and trans-fats. 

Are Your Ingredients Organic and Non-GMO? 

CHAIA is committed to using organic, seasonal, and locally-sourced ingredients as much as  possible. We work closely with growers (many organic) located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond) to purchase the majority of our produce from their farms. In the winter months, when there is less available, we source domestic products grown as close to us as possible using sustainable farming practices. 

Are You Nut-Free and Gluten-Free?

All of our products are 100% nut-free and gluten-free. We use no products in our kitchen that contain these ingredients, thus there is no risk of cross-contamination. 

Tell Me More About Your Tortillas!

At Chaia, we hand-griddle all of our corn tortillas using pure masa harina. It is naturally gluten-free. It is made from dried corn (maize) that has been hulled -- the tough outer skin of the dried corn kernel has been removed -- and then ground up. Masa harina is free from cholesterol and trans-fats.

How Many Calories are In Your Tacos? 

At CHAIA, our tacos and ingredients constantly change based on what we source seasonally and locally.  Thus, we do not calorie count each taco. Individual tacos range from about 160-340 calories each (or less) - depending on the vegetable and added dairy. 

Do You Deliver? 

Yes. Please click on our Order Online or Catering tabs.

What is a Shrub? 

A shrub is a farmhouse way of preserving fruit that has been used for centuries.  It is made by preserving fruit with vinegar and sugar to create a sweet-tart syrup. We source our Shrubs from Tait Farm Foods located in Pennsylvania and mix them with sparking water to create a refreshing drink. 

Tell Us About Your Cookie and Chocolate? 

Our Cinnamon Coconut Cookies are gluten-free, nut-free and vegan. They are baked fresh in-house each day. The dough is sourced from Rise Bakery. Our chocolate is made by Chocotenango. It is a dark chocolate mixed with seven spices including: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, allspice, cardamom, and black pepper - plus sea salt). Both of these partners are here in Washington, DC.

What is the Deal with Your Trash? 

Beyond our sourcing, CHAIA has implemented a dedicated composting program to reduce our packaging impact: all of our packaging and serviceware is compostable. We do not accept any outside trash, so please take it with you. All packaging should be placed in our compostable “trash” containers next to the door as you leave the shop. 

Do You Offer Catering? 

Yes. CHAIA offers trays for large group orders. For example, uur Large Taco Box is $100 (24 tacos, serves 8-10) and our Small Taco Box is $55 (12 tacos, serves 4-6). They can be delivered or picked up in-store. For more information email

Can I Rent the Restaurant or Make a Reservation?

We rent out our communal table, upstairs loft, and restaurant. Please click on our Private Events tab.

What is the Best Way to Contact You? 

For all general inquiries and/or immediate assistance, it’s best to email Our phone number at our Georgetown location (3207 Grace Street) is 202-333-5222. However, we are often unable to answer the phone during normal operating hours, so email is best.